Internationally recognised talent

Rob and Diane van Haaren (U.S.A)

Introducing **drum roll**… ☆★Rob and Diane van Haaren★☆
Who better to *reunite* people for the love of Swing dancing than those who were originally involved in the revival of Lindy Hop in the early 1990’s : Rob and Diane Van Haaren.

We are so thrilled and honoured to have them this October for Swingin’ Réunion 2017! They are responsible for the creation of many swing dancers around the world, staying true to the roots of Lindy Hop.

They are, and have worked with the greatest : Frankie Manning, Dean Collins, Norma Miller, Chester Whitmore, Chazz Young, Sylvia Sykes….

The Queen of Swing, Norma Miller said to us that Diane was one of Frankie’s favourite dance partners referring to her as Miss D. Recently they have been concentrating on opening their new school in Texas.

This being our first edition of Swingin’ Réunion, we believe their presence, spirit and knowledge will be invaluable inspiration for the future of swing dancing in Réunion island and the wider *#LindianOcean*, staying true to the roots of Lindy Hop.

People, embrace this opportunity to feel what it means to SWING.

Rob and Diane van haaren - Swingin' Réunion 2017
Shane and Tara McCarthy (Australia)

Introducing Shane and Tara McCarthy
Shane McCarthy is a well known international dance teacher that has taught all around the world for over a decade. Shane taught at the amazing Herräng Dance Camp for seven years in a row and was a well-received teacher at the camp.

Shane also runs the “Swing It!” dance school in his home city of Perth, Australia where he regularly teaches with his wife Tara. Shane & Tara are self-confessed geeks and are looking forward to sharing their passion and love of Swing dancing with you!

Shane & Tara’s classes focus on solid technique but also about how to find the fun and spirit of the dance regardless of level.

The fact that Shane is a hugely recognised freelance super hero comic book writer tells you everything about the crazy/nerdy spirit he can bring on the dance floor and into your own dancing. Combined with Tara’s amazing kindness, spirit and winning smile they’re guaranteed to bring you a great time.
We’re excited to have Shane & Tara for our first edition of Swingin’ Réunion 2017.

People, make the most of the McCarthy experience.

Shane and Tara McCarthy - Swingin' Réunion 2017
Aurélien Faravelon (France)

Introducing Aurélien Faravelon
Aurélien originally is a modern and contemporary dancer. A few years ago, he discovered Lindy Hop in Grenoble and he quickly moved from being an occasional dancer to being a hard core lindy hopper, travelling as much as possible and staying on the dance floor as late as possible.

Today, Aurélien lives in Lyon, France, where he spends his times performing with a contemporary dance company, getting involved in teaching with Gon’a Swing. As a teacher, Aurélien is well-known for his nerdiness and his ability to quote Dirty Dancing.

His generous spirit and classy energy badly made us want him for our first edition of Swingin’ Réunion. His jazz skills are a valuable addition to your dancing.

People, you have never seen a leg lift up so fast and high.

Shehan and Karin (Réunion & Sri Lanka)

Meet Shehan and Karin. The local island swing cats born and raised right here in the Lindian Ocean.

Réunion Island is home to Karin while Shehan grew up in Sri Lanka. They both fell in love with the joy of Lindy Hop in New Zealand in 2003. Between the two of them, they have been dancing in Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland and most recently in Sweden.

Shehan had no idea that Lindy Hop didn’t exist on the island when he first arrived. Within the next 3 years Karin and Shehan developed the swing dance scene in Réunion Island known as “La Panthère Rose” with over 110 dancers to date. (The Pink Panther was the tune Shehan saw Karin swingin’ to when he first discovered both the music and the dance! 😉)

Earlier this year (2017) Shehan and Karin were named Ambassadors of Lindy Hop by the Frankie Manning Foundation and were invited to attend Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden.

Today they are more than happy to share their love for this dance, jazz culture, the history and the tradition of Lindy Hop. They are as proud as could be to launch their first international swing dance event, and present to the world : Swingin’ Réunion 2017 which marks the birth of the Lindian Ocean.